Jack Bister

Unreal Engine notes

This post contains various stuff I want to remember from working with Unreal Engine. It's probably not useful for anyone else.

Adding Gameplay Ability System (GAS) to a project

More information here

  • Enable the plugin "Gameplay Abilites"
  • Add "GameplayAbilities", "GameplayTags", "GameplayTasks" to PrivateDependencyModuleNames in .Build.cs
  • Add a new C++ class inheriting from UEngineSubsystem. Call UAbilitySystemGlobals::Get().InitGlobalData(); in void Initialize(FSubsystemCollectionBase& Collection)

Adding a GripPoint to the third person SK_Mannequin model

The first person version of SK_Mannequin comes with a GripPoint socket which weapons are attached to, but the third person one doesn't. I added a GripPoint myself using the following transform which seems to work well with rifles at least: The transform used for the "GripPoint" socket which weapons are attached to. Socket name: GripPoint. Bone Name: middle_01_r. Relative Location: X -3.200574, Y: 6.703891. Z: -2.889199, Relative Rotation: -10.02451, Y: 12.32985, Z: 154.592712.