Jack Bister


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wow-addon-manager is a small program for downloading addons for World of Warcraft.

It is very common for World of Warcraft players to use addons to improve the GUI and add features to the game that don't exist by default. When you have many addons installed, manually keeping them up to date becomes untenable.

To solve this, "addon managers" have been created. At the time when I created wow-addon-manager I was using the "Curse client" to manage my addons, but that program was absolutely monstrous. It would constantly sit in your system tray and waste system resources, it required a Curse account, it was filled with ads and "premium features", etc. which is absurd for a program which is actually essentially just curl + unzip. So I created my own simple manager which does everything I needed the Curse client to do, and it does it way faster and without any useless features.

To use wow-addon-manager you create a file called addons.json which looks something like this:

  "wowFolder": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\World of Warcraft",
  "versions": [
      "prefix": "_classic_",
      "majorGameVersion": "2.5",
      "addons": [

and then you run wow-addon-manager in the same directory, and you are done. You can run wow-addon-manager once per day to keep all your addons up to date, and it finishes in a few seconds. No more bloat.